Himalayan Pink Salt


Himalayan Pink Salt Flavoured Popped Lotus Seeds

Himalayan Pink Salt is pure. It’s got minerals. It’s got health benefits. It’s a match made in heaven for Karma Bites


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Nutrition information per 100g per 30g
Energy 1657kJ
Fat (g) 20.5 6.2
of which saturates (g) 3.0 0.9
Carbohydrate (g) 68.7 20.6
of which sugars (g) 2.5 0.8
Fibre (g) 2.0 0.6
Protein (g) 9.2 2.8
Salt (g) 1.3 0.4
Popped Lotus Seeds (Foxnut), Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep the product air-tight after opening.
May contain occasional black shells of the lotus seeds
Allergy information
Produced in the same facility that processes nuts and seeds